Rates & Fees

Below are definitions of the rates and fees of Papertown Equipment Rental. If you have any questions about any of these, please feel free to give us a call and we will clarify.


  • We proudly support our military and offer a 10% discount on ALL equipment for those on active duty as well as retired! Just show your ID!


  • Delivery is subject to a delivery fee based on mileage range. Please call with a specific address to get delivery quotes.

flat rate

  • Machine available for use based on a 24 hr period and can be run as much or as little during that period

  • An extra flat rate charge will be applied to those machines/equipment brought back after the 24 hr period


  • Calculated based on machine running time

  • Half-day rate is 4 operating hours on machine itself

  • If the hours run >4 on the scheduled rental, a second half day rate applies


  • Calculated based on machine running time

  • Daily rate is 8 hrs running time over a 24 hour period

  • If the hours run >8 on the scheduled rental, an additional half-day rate applies, up to 4 hrs. After that, additional daily rates are charged


  • Calculated based on machine running time

  • Weekly rate is 40 operating hours over 5 business days

long term

  • If your job requires greater than a weekly rental, please contact us to discuss possible discounted rates for long term use

  • Dependent on equipment availability

Additional Fees

  • Late returns will result in an additional fee of $50 for small equipment or $75 for large equipment

  • A $5/gallon fuel charge will be applied to any machinery not returned with a full tank of fuel

  • A cleaning fee MAY BE APPLIED on any machinery returned with mud packed tracks/bucket or covered in heavy debris

  • A damaged panel fee MAY BE APPLIED should renter cause any serious mark/dent/damage to equipment and will be based on the cost of repair/replacement

Payment Processing

  • To make it easier on our customers, we offer mobile credit card processing through Square, which can be accomplished at delivery, no matter the location

*Processing fee of 3.5% applied to all credit card transactions

*Pricing, Availability, and Policies are subject to change. Please call the office for the most up to date information at 828-565-2737